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Piper Lifeline 3000 Emergency TelephoneSimple illustrations are often at the heart of good documentation. The use of relevant diagrams breaks up the monotonous flow of text and it can provide speedy clarification of the text. Good illustrations are more multi-lingual than text - making translations easier and cheaper; and helping those to whom English is not their first language. Modern user-friendly documentation definitely has a mixture of words and pictures.

The production of relevant illustrations for documentation is at the heart of our work. As technical authors, we make sure that the text we write and the basic illustrations we provide are truly complementary, and provide a genuine integrated benefit to the reader.

Well-drawn illustrations can also provide a very clear indication of the documentation having been well-planned; which reinforces the image of a high-quality product.

Piper Provider Terminal data gathering deviceWe can provide these types of illustrations:

  • Technical illustrations (mainly in 2D) for user, installation or service manuals
  • Flowcharts for business processes or corporate presentations
  • Process-flow concepts, such as UML diagrams for software developers
  • Simple assembly diagrams and plans
  • Illustrated parts catalogues
  • Explanatory graphics for new software and hardware systems
  • Maps and location diagrams
We can often adapt or use any drawings you already have. Some of the illustrations you see at thumb-nail size are originated by us, whereas others have been created based on information imported from client CAD systems. We can usually work with your in-house CAD team to plan how best they can produce relevant 3D assembly drawings from your CAD systems. We can usually handle illustrations from most commercially available packages - especially if you are able to produce PDF or EPS output formats.

The examples are shown here only at thumb-nail size. The original electronic images are actually vector-based graphics, and so can be scaled up to any size and still have smooth curves and shading.

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