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Screen Documentation

Screen-based documentation can take many forms. The more common options include:

At first, the option to prepare documentation for use on-screen seems have no disadvantages. If you abandon paper, you save money on print costs and storage. You keep down the cost of packaging, and you have no printed manuals to become out-of-date. You can make documentation available very quickly - certainly much more quickly than on paper.

However, abandoning paper documentation is not without penalty. Large drawings can be almost impossible to follow on a computer monitor and can only be printed out to A3 or A4 size by most people. Also, documents which are produced using colour look great on-screen, but may only be printed in black and white. High-resolution images may look great on paper, but you sometimes have to compress the files so much to achieve reasonable file sizes, that you detract from the original image quality.

That said, the advantages on providing on-screen documentation remain powerful, and many organisations now make it a requirement. Depending on your requirements, documentation can be prepared solely for on-screen use, or for use on screen and paper (the Adobe Acrobat format is a superb dual-format option).

We are happy to work with screen or paper versions.

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