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We first started using Adobe Acrobat in 1995, so we know how best to use it, both for simple things like documents up to complex things like document libraries. We see ourselves as experts in the conversion of existing soft-copy documents into the Acrobat PDF format; as well as the repurposing of old (paper-based) legacy systems.

We can create Acrobat PDF files for clients, an advise on how best to convert existing documents into a useful, accessible electronic library or archive.

Here are the reasons why we believe that Adobe Acrobat is such a great format:

  • You can compress PDF files to be surprisingly compact, albeit sometimes at the risk of a slight loss of image quality. They can also be read, emailed or downloaded by any-one - even if they do not have the original source application.
  • You can create secure, password-protected e-books and forms.
  • The PDF standard has backwards-compatibility, so your customers will be able to read older PDF files with future versions of the free Acrobat Reader software. Most electronic libraries know PDFs will be both version controlled and readable for at least the next 30 years.
  • You can create an Acrobat PDF file from ANY document - either directly from the application or from a scanned paper copy. We can also place hand-written notes and sketches, photographs and printed materials, microfilm and even X-rays and other medical images; all with the option of password protection.
  • You can use Acrobat PDF files for archiving legacy paper-based documents. Re-purposing old paper records into electronic documents, saves money on storage, improves access to documents. It can also mean that staff no longer have to be located alongside the paperwork.
  • You can also reduce your dependency on being forced to buy expensive Microsoft software licences.
  • As the printing industry becomes fully digital, so the use of the Acrobat PDF format increases in scope. Virtually all new electronically-created artworks (like leaflets, brochures, manuals and books) are now sent to modern printers in the Acrobat PDF format. As well as providing cost and time savings, using Acrobat PDF files for printing is effectively the best way to be certain of using the correct fonts, images, graphics and layout.
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