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Although one of the early standards on the internet was HTML, things have moved on a little since then - especially with so-called Web 2.0 technologies. Increasingly, people are building web sites which are based on a core of HTML code, but these have added functionality due to mixed document formats (html, Doc, xls, pdf and so  on) and content which is continually updated and re-generated by users (blogs, wikis and so on).

As a firm of professional technical authors we see ourselves as the creators of documents - including web pages, web-sites and downloadable content (such as pdfs, zips and so on). Of vital importance too is the ability of people to find what they need. Providing a simple Search button, allows a user the chance to look for something they can't find by looking at the "user interface". Part of what we do when we develop web-based solutions is to look at users and work out what they want to do, so we can design your user interface accordingly.

Involving us setting up your web site means that we can supply a documentation solution on the web which people will find easy to use. Key documents will get to their audience in a much more timely manner; with the benefit that they may be aware of better literature at a lower cost than before.

Of course, we can also set up things like extranets, where some areas of your web-site are freely available to the public, but others are password protected. The possible uses include:

  • Free to view Sales Literature
  • Subscriber-only user guides
  • Password protected installation, operation or maintenance manuals; support information, technical libraries
  • Internal corporate information (phone lists, policy documents, forms, etc)
  • Information Exchange (forum announcements, discussion groups, wikis, etc)

Being "web-savvy" we also know a lot about things like Google Rankings and Search Engine Optimisation. We can also devise you a strategy to improve your presence on the world wide web - either by improving the inherent quality of your web site or by using strategies such as keyword advertising on Google.

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