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This selected list includes some of our most recent clients:

 Schneider Electric
We were responsible for more than 1000 technical manuals. We also worked on help file development, content management systems (CMS), documentation planning, producing training materials, face-to-face training and translation functions.
The main projects we managed include:
Easergy MiCOM P40 range
The P40 range covers intelligent electronic devices / relays used for electrical protection on electrical lines, transformers, rotating machinery, generators and busbars. The manuals re-use information from databases and spreadsheets; allowing data to be placed in manuals automatically. Initially these manuals were produced using Word and Visio, but increasingly now use MadCap Flare.
Visual Basic Word Customisation
The default Microsoft Word interface and functions did not meet the needs of authors to produce manuals efficiently, so we customised the Word interface and created time-saving functions/macros using Visual Basic code.
MadCap Flare Content Management System (CMS)
Developed a CMS to move from a Word/Visio system towards a MadCap Flare xml/png system. The CMS includes different targets, variables and conditions; allowing multiple document types to be created from the same sources. We also completed a major project to merge different manuals into a common form.
Easergy Studio and BTC toolsuites
We created the help files for these suites of software using MadCap Flare and Lingo. They were written in English and then translated into multiple languages.
IEC61850 manuals
We created IEC61850 communications protocol documentation for IEDs at substations. These were produced using Word, with automatic formatting macros.
 Areva T&D / Alsthom Grid
Responsible for originating new templates for a set of 1000-page technical manuals in the fields of electronic and electrical engineering. Also worked on data quality processing in databases and spreadsheets; restructuring them so they could be inserted into manuals automatically. Also provided training for people to adapt work practices to move towards more automated production methods. This role involved working with colleagues in Germany, France, Poland, India and China.
A major part of this contract was done on a tele-working basis.
 Ultra Electroncs
Responsible for writing several Design Definition Substantiation Reports. These formed part of the overall safety case for the control and instrumentation for the Rolls-Royce PWR2 nuclear reactors used in the UK Astute-class submarine fleet.
These reports contained information about the concept, design, manufacture, performance and testing of high-integrity instrumentation and control systems, coolant systems, circuit boards and other electrical/electronic/mechanical components. This equipment is used in existing and new-build control systems and sensors as well as upgrades to existing boats and has been designed for a minimum 24-year lifetime.
The work involved researching information stored in a DOORS requirements database, checking it against concept designs, testing specifications, test reports, equipment, Q&A requirements and creating any necessary illustrations.
Also responsible for making changes to the DOORS requirements database.
Staff needed to obtain UK Security Clearance for this role as this was a UK defence project.
Alpha Training Limited

Paper and screen-based training documentation

Developed a Style Guide for screen-based slides and the paper-based technical notes. Created presentations, notes for lecturers, and printouts for students. Wrote and illustrated module-based Technical Notes booklet, issued daily or weekly.

IT Support Course

Developed training covering PCs (internal and external components), Windows, Networks, Word, Excel and Access; installation of common applications and network protocols, and troubleshooting hardware, software and network problems.

Visual Basic 6

Programming Defined training modules to train people to use VB6 and work as database developers or in programming roles. The course content included controls, properties, events, methods, and MSDN. Through programming exercises, the course also covered timers, loops, variables, databases, data access objects, normalisation, lists, combos and reporting.

Training Modules on Word, Excel and Access

Created self-study modules to help people learn and use Word, Excel and Access to an Intermediate level; and Word and Excel to an Advanced level. These were available as slides, with an associated workbook and several test exercises.
Web Master for
Bradford & Bingley Group
Document Conversion

On-line help systems - including converting paper procedures to on-line distribution.

On-Line Help systems for financial and business processes

Wrote new help files for COSHH, Health & Safety, Financial Compliance, business procedures and converted paper-based procedures to Windows Help format.

Staff Supervision

Supervised two other authors. Improved work-practices of the team. Introduced version-control procedures and workflow.

BAE Systems
Technical manuals for the defence industry - written using AECMA Simplified English.
BSS Group plc
Training Modules for ADP Kerridge K8 Supply Chain

We were responsible for producing roughly 500 documents and presentations to be used to train staff how to use a new computer system for the BSS Supply Chain. Using the ADP Kerridge K8 software, we planned the distribution centres aspect of the training documentation, allocating work to other content developers, supervising the quality of their work and monitoring their deadlines.

Documentation Standards Guide

We also prepared a Documentation Standards Guide, which was adopted by the BSS Group for the production and design of their training documentation. We also developed a Word Template to improve the speed with which documentation could be produced; and created a macro to accelerate the editing process to make roughly 250 documents more consistent with one another and the Documentation Standards.

Training Exercises

We also planned the logistics of creating unique sets of training exercises for roughly 300 training locations across the UK. We devised production methods for producing localised training documentation and workbooks, suitable for various subsidiary companies, several different distribution centres and several hundred BSS or PTS branches.

Communities Scotland
Staff Training Manuals

We prepared a User Guide for the LEADS staff training software. The User Guide was designed to explain how to use the LEADS software, as well as the business procedures surrounding the planning, authorisation, completion and follow-up procedures for staff training courses.

Template Development

We also formulated a series of templates to ease technical authorship processes in the future, and worked on proposals to improve the user interface and the development of the LEADS system for future releases. A major part of this contract was done on a tele-working basis.

Computer Team  Group Ltd
On-line help systems - including preparatory work in converting Windows help systems into HTML intranet files.
Eurolink Group
Software technical manuals and electronic publishing solutions.
Technical manuals for the UK and Saudi Arabian defence industries.
On-line help systems - including preparatory work in converting Windows help systems into HTML intranet files.
Line Communications

Training modules for the Defence Information Infrastructure project for the ATLAS Consortium / General Dynamics and the MoD. The modules covered the installation, maintenance and management of IT systems, for worldwide use.

The work required us to understand the military background of the trainees, research the subjects, put together storyboards for the training, shoot photos, create diagrams and place the modules in a web-based interface. The training followed the British Army EDIP (Explain, Demonstrate, Imitate, Practice) training method. Mainly:

Installation and Maintenance of computer hardware – including ruggedised laptops, laptop management and administration, HP 360 and Sun Fire Server hardware, printers, scanners, switches and routers, uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) and network / data management devices.

Computer Management – including Administration of Search Services, ColdFusion, HP Radia OpenView and Virtual Infrastructure Management.

Staff obtained UK Security Clearance for this work as this was a UK MoD project.

Modis International
Technical Manuals for use in the design and manufacturing of products. On-line help made available as Windows Help files and as HTML intranet files.
On-line context-sensitive help to show people how to use the their on-line banking system.
Lancashire Badger Group

Corporate Identity Documents and Templates

We prepared a wide range of corporate identity-type documents, such as Word and PowerPoint Templates; decided on a data management and storage policy and arranged for documents to be printed.


We prepared quarterly newsletters for members, which give news about badgers; as well as detailed information about ecology and the environment.

Computerised Membership Database

We have also computerised their membership records and put them into a database too.


We prepared a Badger Library, which contains more than 400 documents about badgers. The library is available in paper-based and electronic formats.

Audio-Visual Presentations

We prepared presentations to explain about badgers to a selection of different audiences. These ranged from members of the public badgers, through to wildlife ecologists and members of the Police Force (such as wildlife liaison officers).

Access Database Development

We developed an Access database for the Lancashire Badger Group, to include locations and maps of all known badger setts in Lancashire.
Lever Brothers
On-line help made available as Windows Help files and as HTML intranet files.
Mion Electronics
Proposals for HTML internet pages and graphic design.
NCR Corporation

Branch Aid

Updated context-sensitive HTML Help files of technical software documentation for their Auto-Teller Machine (ATM) software and electronic publishing solutions. The three main products were the Branch Aid Engine, the Branch Procedures Tool and the Branch Aid Software Developers Kit.


Updated a 120-page system reference manual for NCRs S4i SDK. We prepared this manual using Adobe FrameMaker; and published it using Acrobat Distiller to create a single Acrobat PDF file.

Help Maker Blue

Helped develop the Help Maker Blue single-source documentation tool. I used this to extract information from software specifications (in Microsoft Word) and convert it into end-user documentation in the Windows HTML Help format. We could convert approximately 500 pages of Word documents into 1,000 Help topics in less than one day. We also wrote the user documentation, prepared and gave a training course in how to use the tool; and supplied a training guide.

Edge Base Application

Edited 12 software specifications for all software components for a web-based interface for an ATM. We used the Help Maker Blue tool to prepare HTML Help-based documentation for software developers.

Java XFS

Edited 12 software specifications for software components for a Java-based interface for an ATM. We used the Help Maker Blue tool to prepare HTML Help-based documentation for software developers.

Status Code Notebook

Each major component in an ATM issues status codes. Lists of these status codes were issued to help desk personnel in the form of a paper notebook, which was costly, error-prone and rapidly became out-of-date. Using RoboHelp, We converted the notebook into an HTML Help application, so that the help desk could provide a quicker service and that service engineers were not sent out unnecessarily.
NCC Education

Documentation Management

Set up a new system for technical documentation, such as user guides and technical reference manuals. We created a series of new templates in Microsoft Word for different types of documentation. We also originated procedures to manage preparing, testing, approving, issuing and updating documentation. We also developed a style guide, and created Acrobat PDF and RoboHelp documents.

Automated Testing Software (ATS)

Created a documentation set for NCC’s Automated Testing Software. This software tests a candidate’s ability to use a PC, and operate common office-type software such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint.

European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) software

Created a documentation set for NCC’s ECDL software.

Generic web-based testing engine

Created a documentation set for NCC’s generic web-based computer driving licence testing engine. These were written using Plain English.
News Digital Systems Corporation

A3 Intranet Web Site

We created a new web site for their A3 Project, and published this on their group intranet. Accessible to workers in the UK, Israel, France, India and the United States, this explained about the new generation of set-top boxes will allow for high-definition television, using satellite technology.

HDI User Guide and Reference Manual

We prepared the Hardware Driver Interface (HDI) for Direct TV documentation. This was written to allow third-party software developers to program digital hardware, such as TVs, set-top boxes, remote controls, on-screen displays, modems and network connectivity, digital recording technology. The 460-page User Guide allowed set-top box manufacturers to produce driver software for their own boxes. The 700-page Reference Manual provided software developers with technical API documentation covering all the functions, events and types used in the HDI. This documentation was prepared using Microsoft Word 2003 and Acrobat 6.0.

Microsoft FrontPage Publishing

We created a new web site to showcase the FrontPage product. This included showing how to plan a new web site, how to create and maintain it, how to create style sheets and how to use them in a compatible way across multiple web sites. The work included Policy and Procedure documents, as well as a demonstration web site for new users.

Visual Basic Macro Development

We also created a series of macros, to create new content within FrontPage. The macros added toolbars and macro functions to FrontPage, allowing complex creation tasks to be done very quickly. The macros were made available as a downloadable software kit by any one who uses FrontPage. We also created several training modules, to explain the use of the new macros and the latest FrontPage publishing concepts (such as Dynamic Templates).
Platinum Rails
Produced User Guide and an Installation Manual for their Curve stairlift. Gathered information about the stairlift, how it was installed, shot photos, designed a layout, and produced the manual in Word and PDF formats.
Private Clients
Desktop publishing, graphic design, print, web publishing.
Racal Radar Defence (part of Thales)
Technical manuals for the defence industry - written according to various military specifications, using AECMA Simplified English.
Reed Consulting
Paper and screen-based training documentation
Tunstall Group
Technical manuals, electronic publishing (help files and digital copying), printed documentation, document management and graphic design.
Unilever plc

Technical Manuals for use in the design and manufacturing of products.

VeriSim Ltd

HTML-based help for on-line banking systems.

Note: Whilst we have been successful in gaining several well-known plc clients, we are still more than happy to deal with smaller organisations!
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