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Training Courses

We have produced training materials and training courses for a wide range of people from young people who want to be computer-literate on leaving college, through to experienced managers who need to use computers at maximum efficiency.

We have produced document sets which range from introductory courses which build the confidence and knowledge of those who are new to computers, through to experienced specialists such as software developers who are learning about new programming languages. We have produced computer-related work-based training; and in the areas of business process, human resource policies, health and safety and business communications.

As well as producing the normal PowerPoint presentations, we can also produce ancillary training materials, such as posters, brochures, exercise books and trainee certificates.

We can also adapt PowerPoint presentations and convert them into training videos, which are suitable for release on sites such as Youtube and Vimeo.

If you need modular training then this is something we can do too. With this type of training, staff can progress through the modules according to a pre-defined program. This has the advantage that staff receive training which is appropriate to their needs, and is less disruptive to company business (as it may be fitted in around existing workloads).

Many companies now set aside fixed times each week for staff training. We can devise training which is suitable for delivery in short sessions. We can do this in the form of a lesson (delivered by a knowledgeable staff member) or as a module in a workbook.

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