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About Us

The company was set up by Simon Flory - a Technical Author/Technical Writer with more than 30 years documentation experience. Simon is the Managing Director of Red House Consultancy Services Ltd.

After University (Honours Degree in Theoretical Physics in 1985), Simon worked as a Researcher, working for a small Research Consultancy at the main UK Patents Library in London. He then trained as a Technical Author at GEC's high-technology Hirst Research Centre in Wembley. Whilst there he specialised in high-voltage and high-current switchgear and cabling, telecommunications cabling and connectors (copper core and optical fibre), domestic appliances and various military/defence applications.

After GEC, Simon worked for a small firm of Patent Agents (Halifax, West Yorkshire), writing about a wide range of technologies (mainly mechanical and electrical engineering, but with some useful commercial experience).

For next eight years, he was Group Technical Author to Tunstall Group plc a British company with subsidiaries in a dozen countries. The Tunstall work demanded complete familiarity with computer hardware and software systems, as well as the related disciplines of documentation management, design and print. The documentation he produced ranged from small user manuals through to huge system reference manuals for telephone systems, telecoms and software systems. These manuals were written in UK English, but were also published in other languages such as American English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Norwegian.

After Tunstall, he started Red House Consultancy Services working for Tunstall and a wide variety of other Clients. As well as major plc business and government departments, our clients also include many smaller companies.

Over the years, Simon has often worked to a written brief, preparing manuals to meet a specification, house style or cost/time-scale. He has also worked in situations where no formal brief was given, and he had a free hand to provide whatever documentation was needed.


Also working for the company is Pamela Flory, an experienced print buyer with valuable commercial experience in the printing, logistics, banking, healthcare and education fields. Pamela can provide business and consultancy advice - especially in the area of printing.

Years of Valuable Experience
Specialising in technical writing, Red House Consultancy Services has helped dozens of organisations improve hundreds of technical manuals and training materials.

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